$260 New Client Balayage Offer

Balayage, Treatment, Designer Cut and Blowdry

(Valued at $345)

Are you looking for a new balayage hair stylist to break you out of that boring cycle of going to the salon and coming out with the same style over and over again? Visits to the hairdresser should instil a certain feeling of anticipation and excitement!

Christopher Hanna Salon’s $260 “New Client Balayage Offer” is designed to introduce you to a balayage salon environment providing its clients the basic ingredients to a great “Hair Do”:

1. Great lasting colour

2. Designer cut and style

3. Friendly professional balayage hair salon stylists


Offer Includes:

      • Balayage
      • An intensive hair treatment.
      • Relaxing head massage.
      • Expert cut with a senior hair balayage stylist.
      • A professional blowdry.