Hair Extensions

Utilising only the lushest and ethically sourced hair extensions, create a perfectly harmonious look with your natural locks. Visit our salon today and experience the magic of professional hair extensions Sydney services.

Transform Your Look Instantly with Hair Extensions Sydney

Your hair is a vital part of your identity, and we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Are you ready to transform your hair into a masterpiece of beauty and style? Look no further than Christopher Hanna’s hair extensions Sydney salon to unleash your inner diva and achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Christopher Hanna is proud to be a Great Lengths Ambassador Salon, and our hair extensions Sydney stylists are highly trained experts in Great Lengths Hair Extensions application, styling and maintenance. For those considering hair extensions, or just curious about the process, feel free to chat with one of our salon hair extensions specialists to learn more and book a free consultation.

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Whether you desire extra length, volume or both, our Great Lengths Hair Extensions can be tailoured to your unique needs and style preferences. Your vision is our command.

Safe and Gentle

We only utilise a gentle and non-damaging bonding system. The application process is kind to your hair and scalp, ensuring you can enjoy your extensions without any concerns.


With proper care, Great Lengths extensions can last up to six months or longer. You’ll enjoy your stunning new hair for an extended period, making it a worthwhile investment.

Wide Range of Shades

We offer an extensive colour palette, allowing us to match your hair extensions perfectly to your natural colour, highlights or ombre tones.

Premium Human Hair

We use ethically sourced, 100% human hair extensions of the finest quality. This means you get hair that looks and feels completely natural, blending seamlessly with your own locks.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping your Great Lengths extensions in tip-top shape is simple. We’ll provide you with expert advice and the right products to ensure they stay beautiful.

Experience the Christopher Hanna Difference

Hair Extensions


HAIR EXTENSION REMOVAL (60 mins) $250.00

Keratin Bond Extensions


30 cm $17.00 per strand
40 cm $19.00 per strand
50 cm $21.00 per strand
60 cm $24.00 per strand

Tape Extensions


21 inches $400.00 per pack of 10 sandwiches
24 inches $500.00 per pack of 10 sandwiches

I Tip


40 cm $18.00 per strand
50 cm $20.00 per strand

Hair Extensions Sydney: Luxurious Lengths Await at Christopher Hanna

Welcome to Christopher Hanna, where the allure of luscious locks meets the artistry of hair extensions Sydney. Our salon is a haven for those seeking more than just length – it’s an escape into a world of opulence and glamour.

Discover the transformative power of our hair extensions in the heart of Sydney. Immerse yourself in the expertise of our skilled stylists, ensuring each strand seamlessly blends with your natural hair, creating a look that’s not just longer but beautifully natural.

At Christopher Hanna, we don’t just add length; we craft an experience that leaves you feeling confidently radiant.

Unveil Opulence at Sydney's Premier Hair Extension Salon

Indulge in the epitome of opulence at Christopher Hanna, Sydney’s premier hair extension salon. Our skilled artisans specialise in the delicate art of enhancing your natural beauty with luxurious lengths.

Step into our hair extension salon, where each consultation is a personalised journey. Our hair extensions Sydney stylists meticulously choose and apply extensions, ensuring a flawless integration with your hair texture and colour. From subtle volume to dramatic length, our extensions redefine glamour, leaving you with a mane that turns heads.

Christopher Hanna isn’t just a hair extension salon; it’s a destination for those who desire the finest in hair extensions. Revel in the luxury of length, expertly crafted for you.