3 secrets to red-carpet worthy hair from a celebrity hair-stylist

Discover how you can create your own celebrity quality hair (without a glam-squad at your fingertips) with these 3 simple industry tips.

Celebrity Hair-Stylist, Henry Melki from Christopher Hanna Sydney, believes pre-planning is the key. “In order to achieve a desirable result, a certain amount of preparation is required – unless of course you’re gifted with naturally beautiful hair”.

  1. Good quality hair care

Every girl needs quality shampoos, conditioners, treatments and leave-in conditioners. “An excellent starting point is hair care products and the products you choose should be a range to achieve your desired result”.

  1. Take charge of your hair

Strong, radiant hair is achieved by maintaining your cuts and not over bleaching. Henry advises, “take charge of your hair and make sure your hairdresser isn’t taking your bleaching or colouring too far.”

  1. Know your styling products and tools

Learn what works for you and what compliments your hair, “your styling products and tools are just as important as facial cleanser and moisturiser are to your face”.

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