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Great Lengths Tape Extensions – REUSE UP TO 4 TIMES.

Great Lengths ‘GL APPS’
Reusable, simple tape extensions
The new Great Lengths tape system for the fastest, easiest, reusable hair extensions with the trusted Great Lengths brand.

Tape extensions for the discerning customer
GL Apps tape system uses the same exemplary quality hair extensions as Great Lengths single strand. The hair is 100% Remy Indian Hair of the finest quality. It is ethically sourced from temples and brought to Italy were it is hand treated and mixed by artisan craftsmen. Through Great Lengths patented technology, the hair maintains it’s virgin integrity and arrives to you in the finest state, free of silicone treatments or other chemically masking features

Benefits of GL APPS
Speed, Simplicity, and Reuse
GL Apps invisible tape system is faster than traditional tape ‘sandwich’ systems and means the transformation to a full head application is done in minutes. The extensions are multi-use extensions and last from 4-6 weeks and then can be repositioned in the hair for reuse. GL Apps tape system is simple to learn for stylists and so there’s little room for error. Removal of the tape extensions is just as easy.

Colours and Length
GL Apps tape system carries over 35 shades for the perfect matching to your hair. Natural looking extensions are simple when you can mix shades to create the perfect, natural looking blend. Colours include eight black/brown, ten blond, three red, and a fourteen fashion colours. Great Lengths tape extensions come in 40cm length.


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