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Great Lengths Hair Extensions – 100% Human Remi Hair.

What Makes Great Lengths Hair Extensions Different?

Great Lengths hair extensions utilises only the best 100% human hair of the highest quality. The hair is ethically sourced from Indian temples in virgin condition; meaning that the hair has never been chemically treated, bleached or coloured.
30cm Strand: $12, 40cm Strand: $13 and 50cm Strand: $14.

If you want volume and/or length for your big day, real-hair extensions are the answer, says Kamil from Christopher Hanna Platinum (christopherhanna.com.au). “We use 100 per cent human hair by Great Lengths, attached using heat-activated keratin bonds, lasting three to six months”.

How long does it take to install my great lengths extensions?
This depends entirely on how many you would like fitted into your hair. A full head consist of a minimum of 100 strands and this can take on average up to 3hours.

Why should I come to Christopher Hanna Platinum for extensions?
The team at Christopher Hanna Platinum are certified great lengths hair extension specialists. Our salons have been leading great length suppliers to our clients consistently for the last 10 years.

How long will the extensions last?
With careful maintenance you will enjoy your hair extensions for up to 6months. It is important to take on board what your great lengths specialist recommends and advises so that you can make the most of your extensions.
Will people be able to tell I have hair extensions?
Great Lengths hair extensions are virtually invisible if placed correctly by a Great Length technician. The bonds are set close to the head and never at the hair part or the hairline. Because the extensions are set in rows, in the natural direcion of your own hair, they are discreet and indistinguishable to your own. You are able to wear your hair up, so long as you take a little care to make sure you haven’t pulled your hair back exposing a row of the extensions.

Will Great Lengths hair extensions match my own hair colour?
Great Lengths hair extensions come in over 50 Shades from the lightest blond to the deepest black. Because your own hair may have two to three different tones, a Great Lengths stylist will often select a couple of different shades of extensions so that the additional hair doesn’t look uniform in colour and thus matches your own hair more naturally. Highlights and low-lights can also be added into your extensions if you want more depth and tone without dyeing your own hair.

Can I get my hair coloured/highlighted while I have Great Lengths in?
Yes. Your qualified Great Lengths technician is trained to colour between the hair extensions should this be necessary. You can easily freshen up colour in the “freezone” or top of the head section where hair extensions have not been placed.

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